A Great, Wide Impact

Early on a quiet and misty morning, a small boat made its way out into the harbor. And it left a great wide wake behind it.

If it had been mid-morning or afternoon, you wouldn't have noticed that boat's wake. Everyone is out then and a little boat's wake would be swept up in the wake of bigger boats and ships.

But this boat went out when nobody else was out. And as it moved through the quiet morning waters, it made a great, wide mark across the harbor.

So perhaps it's something to think about: if we want to make an impact, we need not go when, where, how everyone else is going.

Because there are times, spaces, places that are so untouched; paths that are so unwalked; waters that are so uncharted; that even the smallest boat can make a great, wide impact.

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Being ImpactfulCaitie Whelan